Ice creams

Our ice creams owe their quality to the milk of Normandy (thank you rain !) and the fresh eggs that we break ourselves. The fat contained in the cream and the milk we use doesn’t make the ice cream any heavier as the smoothness of the product rests on the balance between the ingredients. We have refined our recipes through the years and produce our own ingredients (coffee extract, nougatine, caramel, hazelnut or almond pralins, candied orange or grapefruit peels and even bergamot…) More than a pleasure, it’s a revelation…

Aveline Honey and roasted almonds

Coffee with homemade Mocha extract

Coffee-grapefruit coffee ice cream and candied grapefruit peel

Cinnamon with sticks from Sri Lanka

Cappuccino Coffee and chocolate chips

Caramel prepared in a copper cauldron

Marguerite creamed rice, apple and cinnamon

Chestnut ice cream with splinters of candied chestnut

Martinique vanilla, orange, rum, candied orange peel

Nougat with pistachio nuts and crunchy nougat bites

China nights Szechuan Peppercorns and chocolate truffles

Nut olé Hazelnuts and milk chocolate

Mint chocolate mint leaves and chocolate shavings

Gingerbread and candied peel of lime

Parfait café egg yolks very slowly cooked in a coffee beans infusion mixed with Chantilly cream


Hazelnut praline

Quiberon Dulche de Leche also known locally as salted butter caramel

Liquorice flavour with bites of liquorice

Rum and raisins

Tea with candied chunks of bergamot

Tiramisu vanilla ice cream marbled with a biscuit, infused in coffee and rum extract, then dusted in cocoa powder

Vanilla and chocolate flakes

Vanilla origin Bourbon, Madagascar

Yoghurt over a red fruits coulis