Our products are never pasteurised, which guarantees the preservation of all their vitamins and taste. Their very high fruit content (an average of 70%) gives them their unmistakable depth of colour and powerful savour so we never have to add flavouring or food colouring. We never use ready made commercial frozen pureed fruits because we insist on certain specific varieties and origins. It is the choice of the fruits and their perfect ripeness that gives our sorbets their unique stamp of quality.



Bermuda, guava strawberry and lime

Blackcurrant black, from Burgundy

Chocolate 70% cocoa

Lemon hand squeezed

Coconut fresh nut

Strawberry Mara des Bois variety

Raspberry from Perigord region

Passion fruit Maracuja from Brazil


Blackberry handpicked, wild from our hedges

Blood orange

White grapefruit

Grapefruit and stem ginger

Six spices Victoria Pineapple

Vine peach


Apple cider and calvados varieties from Normandy

Plum Spanish red Santa Rosa


Tropic banana, passion fruit, strawberry, lime and sour orange cocktail