A few tips

Our ice creams, sorbets and frozen creations will keep in your freezer at a temperature of -22° until the best before date on the label.

Before serving ice creams and sorbets, take them out of the freezer and put them in the fridge for at least half an hour. The texture and flavours will get even better.

The "succulents" are sold in a recyclable carton box with or without a cool box.

As you sit to dinner, put them in the carton box, in the fridge. When the time comes for it, your succulent will have reached the optimal temperature.

The cool boxes provide a constant sub-zero temperature for 2 hours. The tubs and take away ice creams can stay at room temperature in their cool box for 2 hours, until ready to bring to the table.

In general, make sure not to eat ice creams and sorbets too cold; you will then give the product a chance to find all its flavour and smoothness.