Yule Logs


"Franche Mariette"
Burgundy blackcurrant, Passion fruit (brazilian Maracuja), freshly pressed Lime.
A taste explosion...

Smooth Mango, Six spices Victoria Pineapple, white Grapefruit.
An aromatic bouquet for the fun seeker…

"La Cappe"
Litchis (fresh fruits), Vine Peach.
Like a summer evening; contrast and delicacy of colours…

"La rouge du Ret"
Light sponge cake under a layer of Mandarine and Fraise Mara des Bois sorbets, wrapped in Italian meringue.
Indulgent, yet refreshing…

"La belle fille"
Sorbets : Vine peach, Perigord Raspberry, Bermuda (guava, strawberry, lime)
Like a sunset over Pink Sands…


DULCE DE LECHE log with a thin layer of crunchy chocolate in its centre, PEAR sorbet. Opus style Nougatine decor.
A watchmaker’s precision was used to select these pears for their maturity and sugar contents.

"La Quenouillette"
MARTINIQUE (vanilla mixed with candied orange peels and chocolate flakes, flavoured with a touch of dark rum), CLEMENTINE.
A myth in the making…

"La Saint-Aubin"
SABAYON of lemon juice and freshly chiselled zests, thin and chewy meringue, Mara des Bois STRAWBERRY.
The perfect companion to the New Year…

"la Noël des Champs"
CHESTNUT ice cream with candied chestnuts slightly flavoured with Armagnac, PEAR, CHOCOLATE.
The perfect balance of a classical dessert…

"La Saint Martin"
Madagascar VANILLA (woody flavours without the caramel tinge), Mara des Bois STRAWBERRY sorbet, Wild BLACKBERRY (handpicked in our hedges) sorbet.
A good family option that will satisfy everyone…


"La Closette"
CAPUCCINO (coffee ice cream and home made coffee extract and chocolate shavings), CHOCOLATE (Guanaja, 70% cocoa by Valhrona), VANILLA (origin Madagascar).
For those who prefer the classics…

"La Peau de chien"
CARAMEL, PRALINE HAZELNUT and CHOCOLATE, pebbled with hazelnuts and almonds roasted in our premises.
This desert is the result of our experience in roasting dry fruits to perfection…

*Our logs are all named after local cider apples.