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Hand made biscuits

Hardly out of the oven, our biscuits are sold the same day. This allows us to use fresh, natural ingredients (butter, flour and free range eggs) without the need for stabilisers or food preservatives.

Almond tuiles Almond tuiles Martine Lambert Légères Unpasteurized butter and flaked almonds, light, not too sweet, crunchy and thin, this is patisserie’s ultimate lace work.
To enjoy with the frozen delight of your choosing.

Crunchy shortbreads « Apple-Nougatine » Crunchy shortbreads Martine Lambert.
A delicious mix of nougatine and Normandy apples, slightly tangy and fragrant.
A homemade recipe where the crushed nougatine partially replaces the sugar, giving the shortbread its caramel hint, mixing beautifully with the combined tastes of flower of salt and shredded apple.

Meringues Meringues Martine Lambert
A "Martine Lambert" special baking recipe gives our meringues their outer crust and soft, Chantilly like centre. They are perfect with a red fruits sorbet.